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The Columbus Café boast’s a full service bar and twenty-six different micro brews on tap and three dollar Fernet Branca shots. Below are some of our favorites that we are serving now.


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3 dollar Fernet Branca Shots at the Columbus CafeTake your time - savor its qualities. THe rich sensations of 27 herbs and spices picked in four continents. The secrets of a recipe wisely cherished for five generations. The fragrance of oak barrels, a perfectly balanced blend of flavors matured for twelve months. The superbly bitter taste of Fernet-Branca is what we like!

Pyramid Apricot

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pyramid audacious ale columbus cafe best happy hourOur flavorful apricot ale boldly combines the taste and aroma of fresh apricot with the smooth finish of wheat malt. Its refreshingly unfiltered character and fruit flavor make it an ale worth savoring.

Gold Medal, GABF, "Fruit and Vegetable Beers", 2008 Best of the Northwest/Pacific in the "Fruit Beer" category at the 2000 United States Beer Tasting Championship, 2000 Gold Medal, GABF, "Fruit and Vegetable Beers", 1994

Czechvar Premium Czech Lager

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Czechvar Lager  pyramid audacious ale columbus cafe best happy hourThe beer "Czechvar" is distinguished by its fine, delicious, slightly sweetish taste, with pleasant hop scent and bitterness. Its taste represents a perfect harmony from the specific flavor of Moravian malt, fine Saaz hops from northern Bohemia and the high-quality, crystal clear water. The water is drawn via 300meter deep artesian wells from a 10,000 year-old Ice Age lake, located under our brewery. Pristine pure this water helps give Czechvar its delicious taste. The unique properties of the basic materials are enhanced in B.B.N.P., which is nowadays one of the most dynamically growing Czech firms, by the long tradition from generations of brewers who have raised this beer to its current form. The result of all the above is the top-quality taste, balanced to an extent that invite you for another draft. Brewers call this "drinkability". This property is also one of the major virtues of the beer produced by this brewery, which has never sacrificed quality to short-term business goals.

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

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Deschutes PorterBlack Butte Porter, crafted from chocolate and crystal malts, is Deschutes Brewery’s flagship brand. With a rich and distinctive flavor, this porter has enjoyed a loyal and passionate following since its first pint in 1988.

Limited availability

The Columbus Cafe Ale by Pyramid

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Cafe Columbus Ale Best Happy Hour in San FranciscoWe are proud to announce that Pyramid Breweries has created a brew especially for us, a special reserve amber ale. This beer has been slowly fermented, giving it a medium body, powered by hops. Available only here at Columbus Café.